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Stacey Ness. Founder, Melbourne Structural Integration

Stacey Ness (Ford) graduated from the Australian Institute with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Cert in IV Massage 2006, Cert in Myofascial Cupping 2007, Advanced Remedial Massage/Myotherapy in 2013(MIMT). 2017 Graduated in KMI Anatomy Trains Structural Integration. Now known as ATSI. Certified Nutritionist with keen interests in Sports Nutrition and Women’s Health.

Stacey has been a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) since 2006 now named Massage & Myotherapy Australia, which strives for continued education of its members, and to improve quality of service within the massage industry. As a therapist she continues her ongoing clinical development through MMA for the most up to date techniques and treatments. Advanced Structural Integration through ATSI, Australia/New Zealand. Continuing her commitment to body health and wellbeing.

Her treatment philosophy is based on clinical assessment and preventive measures, treating the body from a holistic view through natural body work therapies which in turn aids the body’s ability to heal. Her principal focus is based on presenting problems, postural corrections and education, decreasing muscle tensions, chronic pain management, exercise prescription programs, increasing body strength through a healthy life style balance, movement exercises, mobility and nutrition advice.

An excursion to Phoenix to do a fresh cadaver dissection has further helped Stacey understand the total body tissue connections and how a foot posture issue can result in chronic back, neck, shoulder pain and general tightness.  Stacey plans to further her study on myofascial connections and how myofascial release and structural integration can help many who thought pain was a normal part of their life.

She maintains her life balance with running, kayaking, strength training and experimenting in her kitchen. Her background as a Chef comes in handy when creating new recipes. A keen long-distance runner with a few kilometres under her belt. She has drive for life and is a big believer of will power. The brain is a very powerful tool. Instilling that balance is essential to living life to the fullest.

“Manus Sapiens Potens Est” – A wise hand is powerful

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Location Level 2, 1275 Malvern Road, Malvern Victoria 3144, Phone 0408010767 Hours Monday to Thursday 10am - 8pm By Appointment Only
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