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Stacey Ness, founder of MSI Bodyworks, works on the balance between body and mind connections. Melbourne Structural Integration works with you to achieve a more effective body function in every day life activities, through manual therapy and key nutritional advise. A Holistic approach with a global view to improve your bodies performance and an individuals awareness. Whether at a desk, day to day activities, peak performance or a weekend warrior. Little niggles can become something big if not addressed. We all have a tendency to ignore these background niggles and soldier on. Which in time may create body patterning and disfunction over time. Finding ease in the body, while gaining balance with gravity allows us to move freely without discomfort.

Stacey has been in practice for over 18 years as a remedial massage therapist, Myotherapist,  working with a range of injuries with deep tissue massage, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, dry needling, corrective exercise and nutritional advice. She looks at addressing long term postural pains from learnt patterning, working to addressing the root cause of the issue, then working out a strategy to improve the bodies ability to function efficiently and speed up the recovery process. Stacey works as your partner in achieving these goals. She offers the following services as apart of Melbourne Structural Integration Bodywork Program.


"The word "journey" is something that is thrown around often in reality TV shows and by self-help gurus. Despite its Cliche' connotations, attributing the word journey to the 12 Series Anatomy Trains-Structural Integration (ATSI) is perhaps the most accurate way to describe it. Put simply, you are taken on a journey with a very skilful and knowledgeable practitioner Stacey Ford(Ness) to understand how your body works. The therapy itself is not about feeling good all the time (sometimes it hurts a bit), rather you are rebuilt in a sense, to allow everyday movements to be as effortless and efficient as possible. Prior to my ATSI sessions, I had a stiff back and couldn't reach my toes. Now I can't remember the last time my back was stiff and I can almost reach my toes without strain. The therapy is more than flexibility milestones, and body changes, the newly gained body awareness is the greatest gift of all. You will feel more with every step, breath and activity you do, which gives you an amazing perspective on habitual postures.


"I thank Stacey for her wonderful deep tissue massage. She has an intuition for which muscles need the most work and I always leave feeling relieved from any aches or pains. The Posture Alignment Integration series I did with her really helped me stand straighter with hips in better alignment and addressed the lower back ache Issues I had."

Mrs. Roche

"Sensational soothing hands and great knowledge. Love the nutritional info too."

Simon Page

"Remedial massage and structural body alignment work are both gifts that we choose for ourselves. Being welcomed into the private studio that is Stacey's professional workroom, gives an immediate sense of calm and relief. Here is an ultimate professional and life student of her practice. With great focus and dedication, Stacey has given me my body back. Be open minded and trusting. The rewards are phenomenal."


"I originally started seeing Stacey for remedial massage therapy. Her clinic is walking distance from home - nice and convenient. Firstly, the massages were/are fantastic. The aches and pains I was going in for had disappeared by the time I left. I became intrigued by some of the therapy techniques Stacey was using. I hadn't felt that good in a very long time. Her background is beyond impressive, but it's the person she is and her treatment philosophy as to why I keep going back -- STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION (SI)! As a sufferer of decades of poor posture, high levels of stress and related muscle tension, Stacey invited me to be part of a three series SI case study. The results after the three visits were incredible. So much so that I've recently committed to completing the full twelve series. Thus far, I'm loving the process and results. I've always had to think about my posture. Now, my brain's actually saying "OMG! You're standing tall?!?" I haven't even finished the twelve series and my posture is vastly improving -- and without my having to think about it! Stacey's become someone who's helping me get my life back on track in many ways - literally "Living Life in Balance". Highly recommend SI with Stacey."

S. Lynde


"Wow, what an interesting experience! The 12 series is so worth it. I had years of postural dysfunction corrected over 12 sessions, rebuilding me from my feet up. I had to put in some work too and make sure I was able to hold postural gains but so worth it. More energy, freedom of movement and less aches and pains. Stacey first analyses your posture, works out a plan, then uses her great hands to make lasting changes. Highly recommended!"

P. Simon

Location Level 2, 1275 Malvern Road, Malvern Victoria 3144, Phone 0408010767 Hours Monday to Thursday 10am - 8pm By Appointment Only
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